Custom Art and Calligraphy

I do custom, original art for all of life’s special events, from baby-naming to holy days….let me help you make your celebration memorable with a one-of-a-kind invitation, art work, or Life Seal (a visual depiction of your path, “derecha”)! All  calligraphy is hand-written, NOT computer-generated, and I will work with you closely to design personalized art, invitations, or other work that is uniquely yours!

Past projects include favorite prayers or poems, Life Seals (a visual representation of your purpose or goal), invitations, Holy Day and holiday cards, custom wedding invitations and place settings, Kabbalistic art, Hebrew lettering, meditation images, baby blessings, and logos.

This is always one-of-a-kind work, designed according to your wishes. Each unique piece of work is completed by hand, and signed. Your exclusive design will never be sold to another!

Or choose from a variety of beautiful work already to go; not as unique as custom-made, but not the usual, either!


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